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What is the Cybershader? Cybershader is a effect for Unity & Vrchat that allows you to recreate the holographic effects of sinage and visuals similar to other effects seen in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Star Citizen, Death Stranding, and More!


With the Cybershader you are able to make a multitude of diffrent effects ranging from audio reactive sinage, clothing additions, alerts and warnings, and more.

Compatibility Notes [Poiomi Users READ ME]

Cybershader makes use of Thry for the material editor. If you are using a shader like Poiomi that has Thry included it is recommended to not have 2 installs in the same project, you can remove the ThryEditor folder from the Cybershader _EditorFiles folder to resolve this conflict.

warning note


Cybershader © 2023 by Nebula Animations is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International. For more information and requirements for use you can view the full details here: