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Scanline Settings

For demonstration purposes Scanlines in Main Settings is set to 1

This determines how much Audiolink will effect the shader, only noticeable when Audiolink is in the project and you are in play mode.

For more information check out the Audiolink github repo here:

Line Scale

Scale the line density to fit your needs.

cybershader scale

Line Speed

Set the lines overall speed for the image effect.

cybershader speed

Rotation & Rotation over time

These settings will allow you to rotate the lines or have them animated to rotate over time.

cybershader rot

Warp Direction

You can modify what direction the warp moves in, for example by default it looks like the image is flowing downwards this slider allows you adjust that direction.

cybershader warp

Line Intensity

Add an additional layer of lines to the effect to dim in a repeating pattern.

cybershader line

Warp Intensity

You can use this slider to set how much the image is warped.

cybershader warp