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Advanced Settings

These settings are very tricky to get set correctly and require a bit of work to get functioning properly, edit only if you are comfortable with unity materials/shaders.

  • Transition Distance: The distance from the camera when the effect will begin to fade out.
  • Icon Vertical/Horizontal Offset: Offsets enabling you to set where the icon will be in the view.
  • Falloff: The length of distance that determines the transition start point.
  • Fade Distance: The distance between 0 & 1 that determines the falloff range.
  • Exponential Rotation: Rotates the secondary texture faster the farther from the main texture it is.
  • Depth Fade: How much to fade the sight when intersecting with other objects.
  • Secondary Reticle Depth: How far the Secondary texture is spread out from each other.
  • Primary/Secondary Reticle: Toggling this will make both sides of the reticle have the backside look. Useful for placing another reticle at the end of a weapon and not having duplicate icons.
  • Visual/Object Center: Non-functional setting, WIP.